Cebu Technological University – Pinamungajan

Campus History

The Cebu Technological University (CTU) Pinamungajan was created in June 2015. A Usufruct was signed by both parties: the Municipal Mayor Ho. Gleen F. Baricuatro, and the University President Dr. Rosein A. Ancheta Jr. The University has 2.5 hectares and this lot is intended for educational purposes. The CTU Pinamungajan started with two (2) makeshift buildings and was donated by the municipal government.

As stipulated in Sec.2 RA 9744, The University shall primarily provide advanced purposes, advanced studies in industrial trade, agriculture, forestry, aeronautics and land-based programs, arts and sciences, information technology and other relevant fields of study. It shall also undertake research and extension and provide progressive leadership in its areas of Specialization.

Cebu Technological University Pinamungajan is located at the Brgy. Pandacan, Pinamungajan, Cebu. The campus is an extension of CTU Barili. The distance from the main campus is approximately 34 kilometers from CTU Pinamungajan. CTU Pinamungajan is headed by Dr. Redjie D. Arcadio designated as Campus Director. This campus has three (3) organic faculties and twenty (20) part-time faculties. CTU Pinamungajan is surrounded by Industrial Trade and Mining Company.

The Cebu Technological University is aiming to become a center of development in Industrial Technology. As of the moment, the CTU Pinamungajan has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Construction Manpower Development Foundation- Department of Trade and Industry (CMDF-DTI). The role of both parties is to conduct continuous construction training and assessment. CTU Pinamungajan will give faculty, venue, and curriculum and CMDF-DTI will provide tools and machineries and issue skills training certificates.

The main focus of the study is to help the young people in the Municipality of Pinamungajan and other municipalities near the University to share skills and knowledge in the nearest industries like: Carmen Copper Corporation, Cebu Global Industries, Cebu Tsuneishi Industries and other small skills industries. The University will also cater to local and international skills training.

CTU Pinamungajan offers an existing course program that includes BSIT major in Civil Technology, Drafting Technology and Welding and Fabrication Technology, BSHM, BEED and BS Agriculture.


College of Technology began the Industrial Technology (IT) program in May 2015. The program today consists of three (3) full-time and eighteen (18 part-time faculty members and staff and over 127 students. The mission of the college is to equip students to meet the needs of the world with responsible and caring technology. The college works hard to ensure that the values of industrial technology will become a technical environment. Students who complete the four-year program receive a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Degree (BSIT) with a concentration in one of four available technology disciplines: Civil Technology, Drafting Technology, Interior Design Technology and Welding and Fabrication Technology.


The current building was built in 2016 with one laboratory/workshop: the makeshift building composed of 14 classrooms and the newly constructed two-story Technical Building with four classrooms. The faculty was specifically arranged to facilitate students engaged in design activities related to various technology projects. This building provides space and equipment for all CTU PEC Students to do research, design models, and build and test prototypes.


In recent years, enrollment in CTU PEC course programs has grown substantially. Enrollment in the program has increased by 20% since 2015 according to CTU PEC Registrar Enrolment Report.

At this point, the team submitted the curriculum in BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY (BSIT) specialize in the following programs: Civil Technology, Drafting Technology, Interior Design Technology, Welding and Fabrication Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics Technology, Automotive Technology and Heavy Equipment Operations Technology.

After acquiring the skills and knowledge in the University, the students must undergo 1,800 hours On-The-Job-Training exposure in the industry. The University will arrange their On-The-Job-Training approximately one (1) year in the industry.

The career path after this program will be the following: Supervisor, Leadsman, Foreman, and Safety Consultant/Practitioner.


Cebu Technological University Pinamungajan has not yet acquired the Certificate of Program Compliance for CHED. The team is working hard to materialize the COPC required by CHED. The main focus of the registration is the eligibility to operate the program approved by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).


The respondents of the study were practitioners from industry, the people surrounding CTU Pinamungajan and the students in Industrial Technology. The survey was descriptive methods and verbal interviews from the respondents. The selected respondents answered the questions in terms of the capability and sustainability of the program. One hundred twenty (120) respondents from industrial technology students, twenty (20) respondents from industry practitioners and sixty (60) respondents from the people living in the vicinity of Cebu Technological University-Pinamungajan Extension Campus.