President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability

To advance its sustainability program, the President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (PACS) was created to advise the president on relevant policies and programs on sustainability.

Role Name Current Designation Title
Chair Adrian P. Ybañez, Ph.D. Vice President for Research and Development
Co-chair Edgar U. Tibay, Ph.D. Vice President for Production, Extension and Business Affairs
Co-chair Edwin A. Pilapil, Ed.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Co-chair Jerlito A. Letrondo, Ll.B. Vice President for Administration
Member Atty. Marvey J. Arnoco-Ocampo OIC-Chief Administrative Officer
Member Lynette Matea S. Camello, Ed.D. University Director for ESD
Member Jorelyn P. Concepcion, Ed.D. University Director for Community Extension
Member Archiebald Baltazar B. Malaki, Ph.D. Director for Center for Climate Change
Member Doris O. Gascon, D.A. University Director for Internationalization and ASEAN Integration


The President’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (PACS) is established to advise the president and key officials on University sustainability programs and policies.

Specific Objectives

  1. To develop a sustainability policy, program and plans for the university, including goals, targets, priorities and metrics to assess progress
  2. To prepare the annual sustainability report for presentation to the president and the different university councils
  3. To monitor the implementation of the sustainability programs of the University
  4. To actively forge and maintain local and international linkages for sustainability advancement
  5. To form working groups for the different sustainability programs and plans as deemed relevant
  6. To provide advice to the president, key officials or university councils related to sustainability opportunities and initiatives
  7. To participate in inter-campus and external collaborations, initiatives, surveys and other programs and projects as the president may deem necessary


Membership in the Committee shall be comprised of:

  1. Vice Presidents
  2. Select University Directors, Deans and Center Directors
  3. Faculty Representative (ideally the faculty regent)
  4. Student Representative (ideally the student regent)

The individuals to be selected shall be identified by the President and Chair. All committee members other than the Chair and Co-chairs will serve a term of two years, renewable at the discretion of the President. The Chair can also act as the Sustainability Manager of the University.

Roles of the Chairs and Co-Chairs

The Chair or the Co-chairs shall preside over Committee meetings, and have the authority to:

  1. Recommend the appointment of members to the PACS;
  2. Call meetings as necessary; and
  3. Form working groups as necessary, as determined by the PACS and the President.


The PACS shall normally meet once every semester, but may meet more often at the call of the President, Chair, or Co-chairs. Working groups shall meet as often as required to meet their mandates as set by the PACS.