Lab at First Site

Inauguration, Launching and Blessing of the DOST’s Science for the People Smart Food Value Chain at Colonia, Tuburan, Cebu. The First Micro-Laboratory outside the city. Also, the blessing and turn-over of the hauler truck to Lamac MPC under Sec William Dar’s E-Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita initiatives, turn-over of BFAR equipment for their National Fisheries Program and the blessing and turn-over of Wellness Blends Equipment: Pasteurizer and Freezer of the DA-BAR Funded project “Technology Commercialization of Blended Beverage fromSeaweed and Selected Tropical Fruits” from Cebu Technological University Argao, Barili and Tuburan Campuses with project leader Dr. Rosalyn P. Alburo and co-researchers Dr. Pet Roey Pascual and Prof. Lorelie Esacabal of CTU Barili and Prof. Jerwin Zanoria of CTU Tuburan.