CTU RD researchers participate in the 10th IMERC

Dr. Edwin Carcasona, keynote speaker (third from right) and Dr. Van Gaitano Vergara (right) with their fellow participants

Three faculty members of the College of Engineering participated in the 10th International Mechanical Engineering Research Conference (IMERC) at the Michael Richartz Hall, University of San Carlos Technological Center on January 23 -24, 2020. The themes of the said conference is “Advancing the Role of Mechanical Engineering Towards Sustainable Development”.

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Dr. Van Gaitano Vergara

Dr. Van Gaitano Vergara, Chairperson for Research of the College of Engineering, presented their paper titled “Towards Preventive Maintenance Program Software for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). His co-athor is the University Director for Research Dr. Lanndon Ocampo.

Moreover, Dr. Ronald Galindo, Associate Dean of the Electrical and Computer Engineering and Dr. Edwin Carcasona were the keynote speakers. Dr. Galindo shared his expertise on the “Development of a Multi-functional innovative instructional equipment from campus and solid waste.”

Also, Dr. Edwin A. Carcasona, University Director for Research, Development & Extension talked about “A study on the possibility of using marine florae as alternative energy source (extraction of bio-oil and produced gas).

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Dr. Edwin Carcasona during his presentation and keynote speech

Dr. Vergara who attended the keynote speech of Dr. Carcasona shared his insight that “through this study, it (marine florae) was able to extract bio oil and produced gas at the same time using pyrolysis technology. It proves that pyrolysis is the energy conversion process of organic wastes.”

The conference had four keynote speeches which were followed by the parallel sessions during the first day. For the second day, break out sessioins occurred during the moring session while keynote speeches were delivered in the afternoon.

As stated in the official website of usc-imerc.com, “this international conference aimed to provide a venue for undergraduate and graduate students, local and foreign professionals, academicians, and practitioners to convene and share innovations in the field of mechanical engineering and its related areas alike” (usc-imerc.com). – rmmm/ccmr