Breadfruit-Based Products Brace food Security

Who would have thought that the region’s breadfruit or kolo, as it is commonly known in Visayas, has one million and one ways to satisfy the palate? Once cooked, it presents itself as anyone’s go-to, owing to its flesh’s bread-like texture.

The Biodiversity, Environment and Natural Resources Research Center (BENRC) of CTU Argao is leaning toward breadfruit-based products as alternatives to bread made from all-purpose baking flour.

Under the 5 million  project “ Technology Commercialization of Blended Beverage from Seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii) and Selected Tropical Fruits (Mangifera indica Linn and Theobroma cacao),” the Depatment of Agriculture and Bureau Agricultural Research teamed up with BENRC that launched 50 breadfruit based products on September 25, 2020.

Binagkal seemed to capture locals as it proved to be the best seller among others as brasso de kolo, yoron, torta, macaroons, cupcake, chiffon cake, banana cake, rice cake, sun cake, banana cream, cheesecake, kutsinta, tartlet, doughnut, Spanish bread, putto cheese, muffin, choco cookie, coiled cookie, cassava cake, leche flan, breadfruit sweetheart, stra bread, butterscotch, ensaymada, pancake, moist buttercake, custard cake, piyaya, munchkin, pineapple pie, budbud, otap, eggnog and kabkab.

With these creations that generally suit the taste of many Cebuanos, CTU Argao finds a niche in a rapidly expanding plant-based market, offering healthier food options, alongside CTU Barili and CTU Tuburan where seaweed blended beverages was launched in March.

Because it is endemic to tropical countries like the Philippines. It would not be hard to imagine in many would not be hard to imagine if many Association to process Breadfruit products and a couple of seaweed blended beverages.

Processing patents for both breadfruit and blended beverages is ongoing and expected to be released no sooner.  ICPA Argao / Evangeline Rellin