Cleanup Drive Keeps Trash Out of the Coastline

Teaching and non-teaching personnel demonstrate care for the environment regardless of the scorching heat of the sun. Coastal cleanup is becoming a tradition of CTU Daanbantayan as the campus nurtures the sea of mangroves.

Volumes of garbage during the coastal cleanup activity of the CTU Daanbantayan employees on the occasion of the 12th CTU Anniversary celebration on November 26, 2021, were collected at the Roma Beach of Barangay Agujo, Daanbantayan Cebu.

The most commonly collected trash dumped in the covered pit were plastic sheets and bottles, heaps of shampoo and toothpaste, food packets, leaves and twigs.

“Participating in the coastal cleanup activity, I believe, is like helping create a better world- for us and the marine life. I always look forward to this environmental act because I know the significant impact it can do,” the one non-teaching staff when asked about his perception regarding the activity.

The participating employees disregarded the humid weather during the cleanup as it ran from 1 to 3 pm. Some worked in groups while others in dyads and a few independently.

The two hours coastal cleanup was one of the varied activities on the anniversary celebration.
Other activities equally participated by the personnel included wellness activities such as Zumba and Pinoy games (Laro ng Lahi). Also, a celebration of thanksgiving mass made the celebration wholistic.

The coastal cleanup drive involving the CTU Daanbantayan employees made a difference in the anniversary celebration. It contributes a more impactful effect in promoting a clean environment and inspiring the participants to become responsible stewards of the environment. – Tsereyl Verdida / CTU DaanBantayan Campus