CTU Daanbantayan Hosts the 1st of National COVID-19 Vaccination Days

Thousands of individuals ignore the heat of the sun yet patiently line up at the CTU grounds to wait for their jab.

Around 1500 individuals get inoculated against COVID-19 on November 29, 2021, the first of 3 days National COVID-19 Vaccination Drive. CTU-Daanbantayan Campus is one of the three (3) vaccination sites with the most vaccinated individuals.

The CTU-Daanbantayan personnel and students were among the thousands who joined the crowds to get a jab. On that very day, an impressive turn-out of employees was vaccinated. Teaching and non-teaching employees and contractual workers got their shots, leading to a significant increase of vaccinated employees of the CampusCampus.

“I am overwhelmed by our fellows’ positive response to our vaccination initiatives. I recognize the majority’s resistance to the vaccines before this event but seeing them now getting their jab made me happy for at least their own will they get themselves vaccinated,” said Campus Nurse Maricel P. Palermo.

While reasons for getting vaccinated vary, the top responses were the mandatory vaccination in the workplace and entrance to some establishments, including schools, in anticipation for face to face classes.

“I have no thought of having myself vaccinated. I am not yet strongly convinced of the vaccine’s value other than my fear of needles. But what drives me here is my fear of losing my work despite that DOLE advisory,” said a contractual government worker in an interview with him while waiting for his turn.

According to one student, being vaccinated might be one of the factors to be considered for face to face classes. So, doubtlessly she came to school not only to meet some of her classmates but to brace herself with the vaccine for the possible in-person courses as advised by CHED.

CTU Daanbantayan campus has remained responsive to the government’s program for the people. Its active involvement during the national days of vaccination drive was one great move to have contributed to reaching the herding community of the country. – Tsereyl Verdida / DaanBantayan Campus