CTU DaanBantayan Recognized As first SCOPUS Indexed Publication

The year 2021 is fruitful to the four faculties working hard to better the university. They contributed a scholarly work worthy enough for recognition. Dr Beduya, Dr Vedida, Dr MAntos and Dr Gulbe to publish an article in ISI, SCOPUS indexed publication.

Their article aimed to gauge how the graduates and students who earned units from various degree programs of Cebu Technological University (CTU) Daanbantayan Campus Graduate School fared in the work arena. Also described the human capital afforded to them by the state university; hence, it ascertained the respondents’ employment status, determined the extent of the effect of school-related factors on their employment, and assessed the area of the contribution of the work values and skills afforded to them. 

The second study aims to employ a descriptive research design generated an MTB-MLE training module for pre-service teachers based on the expressed needs of 14 purposively selected PSTs. They demonstrated:

  1. Preference for the use of Cebuano-Visayan as the language of instruction
  2. Some degree of difficulty in using Cebuano-Visayan as evidenced by their code-switching characterized by retaining some English content words as well as affixing English verbs with Cebuano-Visayan morphemes
  3. Their linguistic ability and background, as well as learner accommodation as crucial influences affecting their LOI preference

Despite the language difficulty, PSTs find their MT-Based teaching preference advantageous as it boosts confidence in classroom instruction, facilitates learner comprehension, and encourages participation.

The authors are still writing since they believe publication is the reason for disseminating unique exploration studies to inform the crowd about another idea or progress in innovation or logical field. = NIKKITHEA L. BEDUYA / CTU DAANBANTAYA