CTU Trailblazers, Dr. Adrian P. Ybañez Top 18 and Dr. Landonn Ocampo Top 32: Among World’s Top 100 Philippine Scientists

Two distinguished Filipino research scientists from Cebu Technological University made it to the World’s Top 100 Philippines Scientist 2022.

Dr. Adrian P. Ybañez Top 18 and Dr. Landonn Ocampo Top 32 were recognized for their contribution in their respective field of specialization based on the latest World Scientist and University Rankings 2022.  The top 100 rankings are based on total h-index scores that validated each researcher’s expertise and contribution as reflected in their respective research publications as researchers worldwide cite them.

Dr. Adrian P. Ybañez, the Vice President for Research and Development of Cebu Technological University, has been highly recognized in his field of expertise.  He has been conferred as DOST NAST Outstanding Young Scientist, DOST NRCP achievement awardee, PHILASST Outstanding Scientist, VPAP Outstanding Young Professional in Veterinary Research, to name a few.

Dr. Landonn Ocampo is the Director for Advanced Mathematics and Operations Research.  He is the recipient of the Young Outstanding Scientist of DOST-National Academy of Science and Technology, NRCP Achievement Awardee, Asia’s Top 100 Scientist, and Top 2 percent most cited researcher.

The success of Dr. Ybañez and Dr. Ocampo coincided with Cebu Technological University (CTU) ‘s inclusion in the top University Rankings 2022, and that made the difference – its trailblazing institutional success.– Cristie Ann Jaca / CCM