MOU Signing Ceremony in CTU Bantayan

Techno-demo farm project of LGU Bantayan

The Local Government of Bantayan, Cebu, desires a collaborative partnership with the Cebu Technological University for their programs/projects beneficial to education/instruction, teaching, research, innovation and production and extension services. 

With the positive response to the desired of LGU Bantayan, the CTU is willing to extend its capability to promote instruction, research, extension and training activities, extend technical support and other educational and research partnerships of mutual interest to the Local Government Bantayan. 

The signed Memorandum Of Understanding happened on June 30th 2021, during the celebration of Bantayan Day.

The event was attended by CTU President Dr. Rosein Ancheta Jr., VP Dr. Edgar Tibay, VP Dr. Adrian Ybanez, Daanbantayan Campus Director Dr. Ruen Ungui and Extension Campus Director Dr Levy S.Lepon headed by Municipality Mayor Arthur E. Despi. – Dr. Nikkithea Beduya/CTUDaanbantayan