Skills Training on Coconut Water Treated Processed Fish Products

Barangay Otso Farmers Association 

The Cebu Technological University-Tuburan Campus Shared Service Facility- Food Innovation Center (CTU-TC SSF-FIC) hosted and organized the coconut water treated processed fish products on December 2-3, 2021.
It was participated by the Barangay Otso Farmers Association (BOFA). The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and respected CTU-Moalboal instructors evaluated the program’s highlight: imparting skills through training.
The TBI (Technology Business Incubation) serves the event lays the groundwork for any future related activities: more barangay associations and MSMEs (Micro Small Medium Enterprises). Small businesses use the FIC facility, and upon request, the facility can provide seminars and training on good manufacturing practices, sanitation and hygiene, and improved cooking techniques.
Furthermore, the Campus Director, Dr Maria Carla Y. Abaquita, was delighted since she had seen the participants’ eagerness to learn about the process of producing processed fish products. The recipes under the Utility Model used and passed on to the community were recorded as she ensures doing so.

Following that, the Barangay Otso Farmers Association (BOFA) was ecstatic to learn that CTU-Tuburan Campus had chosen it. They were appreciative of the experiences and the chance to be the beneficiary and participate in the activity. In exchange, the group promised to be sincere and dedicated to contributing to the product development of the transferred abilities. – Kevin C. Moniva- BA English Student (CTU-Tuburan Campus)