The campus’ Mr. & Miss Technologists 2021 Hailed

Mary Therese Antoinette Rosell and Jericho Arco of Daanbantayan and Bantayan extension campuses, respectively, made their campus proud, acclaimed as Mr and Ms Technologists 2021 during the virtual search on December 27, 2021.  

A BSHM 2nd-year student, Arco did not expect to get the title. According to him, his internet connection was a real challenge considering that he is on the island, and it is a given fact that the internet connection is poor. He moved to and from places and even went to the campus, hoping to find a stable internet connection. 

“I could not believe it. I have doubts and insecurities. I know my physical features- ‘way far from being flawless’”, Arco jestingly said via messenger.

“I tried my best gayud sadto hapit nako mawat okan ug hope pero nisalig lang gayud ko sa Ginoo ato” (I tried my best. I was at the verge of loss of hope, but I believe in God). Luckily, I found a connection to join the pageant and make it to the question-and-answer portion of how fate had tested me when the relationship was volatile in the event of the program. I do not believe in ‘luck’. I think that my winning is God’s way of rewarding my faith and efforts in preparing for the pageant,” Arco added.

Meanwhile, Rosell, a 2nd-year Information Technology student, said she read articles inclined with the theme as her preparation. Choosing the proper advocacy was for her the most challenging aspect of practice. 

“I make sure I am mentally prepared because based on what I experience, being mentally prepared is the best tool you can use in pageantry,” Rosell said via messenger. 

Rosell, just like Acro, had doubts and was anxious. 

It is not the unwavering faith in oneself and unshakable self-esteem that drove them past their challenges. It pushes them amidst uncertainties that give them the possibility of winning the title. Moreover, they knew to themselves that they were doing their best. 

The virtual pageant was participated by CTU Daanbantayan Campus and its Extension Campuses – Bantayan, San Remigio, and Tabogon Extension, with each campus represented by two pairs. The Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP) officers of CTU Daanbantayan Campus organized the virtual pageant. – Junel U. Rodrigo / CTU DaanBantayan Campus