CTU Naga faculty participates in CHED RO VII webinar on women empowering

CTU Naga faculty participated in the CHED RO VII webinar titled THE PANDEMIC GENDERED: RISKS AND OUTCOMES OF COVID-19 on March 8, 2022, at 1 p.m.

Professors from several colleges and SUCs in the region joined the event.

The event, as mentioned above, which commemorates International Women’s Month, is inspiring for women. Vaccination statistics among educators; violence against women and children during the pandemic; the physical and mental impact of the event on women’s sensitivity, rising cases of teenage pregnancy, and the like; and the elevation of women’s role in society or as a more successful money-earner than a few men are among the topics discussed in the talks.

Among the attendees are some faculty members and staff of the CTU-Naga Extension Campus, the director, Dr Adeline dela Cruz; GAD chair, Ofelia Labrado; school nurse, Marc Anthony Pabico; HRMO, Mary Jane Cortes-Sim; and the SAO, Cape Beverlyn Genobiagon.

The Campus nurse, Mr Pabico, noted that the talks centered on Covid 19, especially on vaccination status among women. Likewise, the campus director, Dr. dela Cruz, shared that women as health workers experienced double stress such that their work is so tiresome and they have a less restful sleep. When they come home, they still need to do their chores as a mother and wife. Even during travelling, they experienced discrimination. Furthermore, even a nurse who reportedly harassed with a disinfectant thrown at her.

She also points out that alike situation must have full attention. “It is obvious that the pandemic has caused more stress to the women. The world has become more difficult for them to live because of gender-based discrimination,” she added.

Finally, she reiterated the need for everyone, particularly the women, to be vaccinated in order for them to survive.

On the other hand, the HRMO, Miss Cotes-Sim, cited that the session focuses on the importance of gender equality at all work levels and on addressing specific gender issues that may arise in the practice of one’s profession.

Even most women in their workplace experience harassment outside of the home, and those women and kids who stay at home are also prone to fatigue and abuse.

Indeed, each audience has his perspective, “lens,” in perceiving an issue presented before them./Rumuela L. Wong, CTU Naga.