CTU-Naga undertakes AACCUP accreditation amidst the hassle of the Pandemic.

Amid the Pandemic’s dangers, CTU-Naga Extension Campus accepted the AACCUP Accreditation via Zoom as a double challenge on November 15, 2021. With a fear of failure, the campus faculty and staff bravely took the risks of a week-long collection of online data for the time-consuming process. Without recognizing that the essential documents were just around the corner, each committee laboured away at gathering solid verifications for the department’s success.

The following are the colleges to undergo the accreditation process: Bachelor in Industrial Technology- Computer Tech., Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology, Bachelor in Elementary Education and the Bachelor in Secondary Education.

They provided the expected documents at the last minute despite the challenging comments of recognized AACCUP evaluators, and their efforts paid off on November 19, 2021.

The accreditors’ views and suggestions, on the other hand, sounded optimistic about passing the year’s most anticipated certification./Rumuela L. Wong, CTU Naga