FSTLP CTU DaanBantayan Extension Election Days 2022

To have a harmonious students life, the CTU Daanbantayan and its Extension campuses, with an estimated population of 6,000 students, organized the first Future Science and Technology Leaders of the Philippines (FSTLP) election participated with the Extension campuses of Tabogon, San Remigio and Bantayan on January 26, 2022, steered by Hon. Ranilo C. Baquer, the Student Supreme Government President.

It aims to widen the organization’s purpose with extension campus students. The students in the extension Campuses can initiate and participate in the campus activities. 

Creating the resolution with the permits of the FSTLP Adviser and the officers with the Director of Student Administration Office’s acknowledgement and the campus Director’s approval, Dr Ruben M. Ungui agreed upon the election. 

Together with the Comelec officers, the SSG Officers made the election possible and successful. Each campus ensured safety and accuracy in counting the votes and guiding the students to choose their rightful officers. 

There was a virtual campaign where the party list presented and showed their platforms to help their campus promote a healthy and globally competitive university.

Campus FSTLP truly allows future leaders to foster leadership, communication, teamwork, organization, and public speaking skills. 

Through this opportunity, it would teach the leaders to enjoy planning events. Moreover, most especially the students can know outgoing and sociable live and they will have time to prepare for attending meetings for the betterment of the campus they represent. – NIKKITHEA L. BEDUYA / CTU DaanBantayan