UREAs: Partners for R and D Pursuits

The University Research and Extension Associates, together with the University Directors and Directors for Research and Development and Extension Centers, University Shared Facilities, Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology Transfer Support and Technology, Business, and Innovation for Development, attended the Strategic Planning and Capability Building Workshop from February 9-12 at Ocean Heaven Resort, Camotes Island, Cebu. The first day of the workshop focused on the extension activities anchoring on Education for Sustainable Development. Dr. Lynette Matea Camello inspired the research enthusiasts, especially the UREAs on decompartmentalizing research and extension. Research becomes the stepping stone to more sustainable extension services.

The second day of the workshop highlighted the Gender and Development thrust. Dr. Marlou Godinez preluded her discussion with the background and purpose of the program. Furthermore, she encouraged the researchers to delve into gender and development research proposals.  It was the opportune time for the UREAs to incorporate GAD issues in their research endeavors as part of the global advocacy on gender equality.

Dr. Ybañez’s indefatigable endeavor toward an all-out commitment to research pursuits inspired the UREAs again to surmount all the impediments for CTU 4.0, THE, QS Ranking, and professional growth. Amidst all the work demands, one’s understanding of the essentiality of research is not peripheral yet total.

The third day sparked the presentation of outputs. Dr. Mario Rebucas, University Director for UREAs, elucidated the plan of activities after having the short convention with the UREAs. Indeed, the zest, wisdom, intelligence, and epitomical leadership of Dr. Rebucas fostered optimism to the team since the UREAs aid in the success of the goals of the Research and Development. / Mario Rebucas – CTU Main