Website Article Writing Workshop Series (Part III): Elements of Writing Newsworthy CTU Website Article

To strengthen the presence and documenting all the highest achievements of the Cebu Technological University (CTU), the Center for Communication and Media (CCM) continues making efforts to contribute to the institution and for the aim of educating all designated Journalism faculty across campuses and all aspiring writers through conducting Part III of Website Article Writing Workshop Series via zoom held on March 14, 2022.

After the two series workshop, part III discussed the “Elements of Writing Newsworthy CTU Website Article”.

Dr Cristie Ann L. Jaca, University Director for CCM, was not just exemplary at managing people under her leadership and running the Center. Also, she is excelling in academe for she imparted her knowledge about the topic as she was the speaker for that day introduced by Dr Maria Salud Delos Santos, Director for Online Instructional Material under the supervision of the CCM.

The figure of participants who attended the webinar is increasing in numbers. For Part II, it was just 48 who witnessed the activity, while on the latest series, it has reached 67 attendees, proof that many wanted to learn writing.

Aside from the office of Research and Development, the Center was also under the management of Academic Affairs. Dr Hedeliza A. Pineda, the OIC-Vice President, gave her message as she welcomed all the participants during the activity.

The workshop was a day activity split into two sessions: morning and afternoon.

The morning session finished through discussion about the topic, and the afternoon was the presentation of an article written by the participants and made critique by Dr Jaca.

As the webinar nearly reached the finishing point, Dr Adrian P. Ybañez, Vice-President for Research and Development, concluded the activity by congratulating the Center for consistently making efforts for the University and giving thanks to all the participants who gave their spare time for the activity.

The Website Article Writing Workshop Series Part IV will happen next month to elevate the CTU Research Website written article quality. 

The lady of the ceremonies was Dr Margie Fulgencio – Almie Mata / CTU-Main.