The number of aspiring writers in CTU escalates

There was an elevating in figures of CTU’s aspiring writers who wanted to learn more about writing, which was proved during the Center for Communication and Media (CCM) Website Article Writing Workshop Series IV on April 26, 2022, via Google Meet. 

The difference in the number of participants who attended previous and current sessions is visible. For Series III, it only reached nearly 60; yet, during Series IV, it advanced to closely 70 individuals who wanted to learn about writing. 

With the theme “Writing with a Purpose”, many attentively listened to the Speaker, Dr Liean Jane Honey Rama, who imparted her knowledge regarding feature and editorial writing and the different elements of writing stories.

The free monthly writing sessions were possible through the initiative of Dr Cristie Ann L. Jaca, University Director of CCM, with the support of Dr Adrian P. Ybañez, Vice-President for Research and Development, and Dr Hedeliza A. Pineda, the OIC-Vice President, of Academic Affairs.

It aims to intensify the knowledge of designated writers across campuses that were tasked to translate into words all the ventures that happened on each campus that will be published on the University website to boost CTU’s presence and even serves as an aid for those aspiring writers within CTU. 

Words by Almie Mata / CCM