CTU Amping Cebuano Project Produces Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers and Liquid Hand wash to Frontliners in 2021

In response to supply shortages due to Covid 19, CTU Amping Cebuano Project initiated the production of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and liquid hand wash amidst the pandemic in 2021.

The University production manufactured 110 litres of alcohol-based hand sanitizers from August to September 2021 and 128 litres of liquid hand wash.

During the creation of the alcohol-based hand sanitizers, info-communication materials and a short video were posted on the university production Facebook page and YouTube channel about the process of generating the product.

This allowed individuals to access the material for instruction, research, extension, and production purposes.

Moreover, the 7th Forward Service Support Unit, Army Support Command, and Philippine Army (FSSU, ASCOM, PA) encouraged CTU-OUP to support the institution’s application for AGP Institutionalized Status, which would validate the unit’s efforts and capabilities in producing liquid hand wash.

The university production participated in several activities to actualize the liquid handwash project, which included technopreneurship and customer validation activities led by DOST-Caraga Region and UP-UPSCALE, industry interview documentation, and conceptualization of a research project on optimal planning of university technology transfer measures with the Center for Applied Mathematics and Operations Research (CAMOR) spearheaded by Dr. Lanndon Ocampo and OUP.

The final goods were supplied to essential personnel, front line workers, CTU headquarters, and other community beneficiaries with the help of various government and non-government agencies.

Words by Jessa Mahinay / Devcom intern