CTU Carmen School Personnel participates in Mangrove Seeding

The Disaster Risk Reduction Management with Gender and Development Offices spearheaded mangrove seeding activity on May 23, 2022, to help protect the coastal areas and marine resources in Carmen.

The Campus Teaching, Non-Teaching Personnel and Job Order Employees did the collection of propagules, bagging of soil and the seeding of the propagules.

The team was able to seed 200 propagules and expect to plant them in the mangroves in two to three months.

Prof Jane Polyn Bejoc, Campus Chairperson for Production, said, “Since it has been observed that the mangrove in the area has been depleted, there is a need to replenish them. They serve as the breeding grounds of fish and promote tourism in the future.”

CTU-Carmen has been declared an Integrated Coastal and Marine Resources Management Center under the directorship of Dr. Anthony Ilano, a seasoned researcher.

Words by Gypsy Rose J. Capuno – CTU-Carmen Campus