CTU IE’s students were hailed as the best presenter at the 10th International Senior Project Conference (ISPC)

From left: Gesil Ramirez (student), Giverny Castillo (student), Angel Leah de la Cerna (student), Engr. Maria Elena A. Aparente (coach), Engr. Teresita B. Capin (coach), Dr. Roland M. Galindo, (Dean), Ella Bless Langit (student), Jim Michelle Larrubis (student), Michael John Maranga (student).

Two groups from CTU’s College of Engineering Industrial Engineering department joined the 10th International Senior Project Conference (ISPC) 2022 and were hailed as the best presenter via zoom on May 30, 2022. 

The ISPC is an annual event hosted by King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), which their Engineering Department facilitates by exhibiting the projects of students from many countries with the theme “Engineering and Technology towards Sustainable Development Goals.”

The teams who joined provide an abstract of their research in a format specified by the host. Among the several teams and departments, the CTU’s IE department teams were able to submit their abstracts before the March 30, 2022 deadline. 

The first team was IExporers, which consisted of three students, Giverny H. Castillo, Angel Leah T. Dela Cerna, and Gesil G. Ramirez, who presented their study entitled “SMARTPHONE EVALUATION THROUGH ANALYTIC HIERARCHY PROCESS IN ONLINE CLASSES FOR ONLINE LEARNING.” 

The second team was Team AbtIEk, which consisted of three students, namely Ella Bless Langit, Jim Michelle Larrubis, and Michael Conrad Maranga, which presented their study titled “ENHANCING ONLINE PAYMENT METHOD USING SYSTEM DYNAMICS APPROACH: A CASE IN MUNICIPALITY OF LILOAN CEBU.”

The students also filled out the application form to be technical presenters at the event. A 15-minute video presentation was required in addition to the abstract and application form that had to be submitted. The video presentation was recorded at CTU, where the IE faculty and the CICT staff supported the teams.

There has been a total of 23 teams that were able to participate in the said event, 12 teams assigned in Room A and 11 teams in Room B. Each team were given 20 minutes to present and answer questions relevant to their study. The two teams from the IE department were assigned different rooms (A & B), wherein they interacted with other teams in the forum. Both teams presented and answered respective questions in the Question-and-Answer portion amongst different schools from Thailand, Taiwan, and Japan.

After the presentation of all teams, the deliberation was made where the AbtIEk was hailed as the best presenter. 

The International Research Conference has been a challenging and fun experience for the students as they have not presented in an annual international event but have also gained knowledge and experience. Internationalization of education prepares both domestic and international students for life and profession in a globalized society by building intercultural competency, extending global networks, and enhancing educational outcomes. 

Words by Engr. Maria Elena A. Aparente