Landscape Pattern Impacts on the Population Density and Distribution of Black Shama (Copsychus cebuensis Steere) in Argao River Waershed Reserve, Argao, Cebu, Philippines

Author: Archiebald Baltazar B. Malaki*, Rex Victor O. Cruz, Nathaniel C. Bantayan, Diomedes A. Racelis, Inocencio E. Bout, Jr., and Leonardo M. Florece

Date published: 2013

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How to cite: Malaki, A. B. B., Cruz, R. V. O., Bantayan, N. C., Racelis, D. A., Buot, I. E., & Florece, L. M. (2013). Landscape pattern impacts on the population density and distribution of black shama (Copsychus cebuensis Steere) in Argao Watershed Reserve, Argao, Cebu, Philippines. International Scholarly Research Notices, 2013.