Fermatean Fuzzy DEMATEL and MMDE Algorithm for Modelling the Barriers of Implementing

Education 4.0: Insights from the Philippines Author: Gonzales, G., Costan, F., Suladay, D., (…), Selerio, E., Ocampo, L.

Date published: January 2, 2022

To read full content: https://www.mdpi.com/2076-3417/12/2/689

How to cite: Gonzales, G., Costan, F., Suladay, D., Gonzales, R., Enriquez, L., Costan, E., … & Ocampo, L. (2022). Fermatean fuzzy DEMATEL and MMDE algorithm for modelling the barriers of implementing education 4.0: insights from the Philippines. Applied Sciences, 12(2), 689.