CTU-OVPRD conducts the 4th Quarter Research and Development Council Meeting 2022

The Vice-President of the Research and Development office conducted the hybrid fourth Quarter Research and Development Council Meeting held at 6/F Function Room, Centennial Building, CTU-Main Campus, on November 25, 2022.

Dr. Archiebald Baltazar Malaki, Vice-President for Research and Development, headed the session, along with all Vice Presidents, All Campus Directors, Board Secretary, College Deans of the Main Campus, and all University Directors under research and development which some attended virtually.

Upon the discussion, these are the agendas: Finalization and endorsement of the RD manual 2022 Revision to the BOR, Finalization of the KITTSTO Manual, Submission of Terminal Reports GAA 2022, Concerns on the 7.5% Indirect cost for Externally funded projects and other matters.

The open table discussion was concluded with full of suggestions and recommendations for the abovementioned agendas.

Words by Almie Mata