KITSTO and ITSO officers and members gather for a 3-day workshop

The officers and members of the Knowledge, Innovation and Technology Support and Transfer Office (KITSTO) and Innovation & Technology Support Office (ITSO) across the campuses assemble at Post-Harvest Laboratory R&D CTU-Carmen Campus for a three-day Training workshop on February 1-3, 2023.

The three-day event was headed by Dr. Leodivino Lawas, University Director of KITSTO.

The speakers for the said workshop were Dr. Mario P. Rebucas, University Director of University Research and Extension Associates; and the ITSO officers Dr. Maria Salud M. Delos Santos; Dr. Cristie Ann L. Jaca; Engr. Teresita B. Capin; and Dr. Maximo Abejo.

Along with Engr. Naomi Bajao, KTTO Director and Dr. Tracy Mantos, KTTO Officer.

They discussed the following:

• Patentability Requirements

• Basic Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer

• Registrability of UM and Industrial Designs

• Patent Granting Procedure

• Patent Search and Database

• Claim Drafting

• Copywrite for Instructional Materials

The three-day event concluded with questions and answers concerning the topics discussed.

Words by Almie Mata