VPRD successfully conducts the 20th Research Congress 2023

The 20th Research Congress 2023, organized by the Cebu Technological University’s Office of the Vice President for Research and Development, was held successfully from August 1 to 4, 2023, at the exquisite Diamond Suites and Residences in Cebu City.

Under the guidance of Dr. Archiebald Baltazar Malaki, Vice-President for Research and Development, this distinguished event showcased the culmination of the 2022 GAA-funded COMPLETED Research projects and unveiled the 2024 GAA Research Capsule Proposals. These endeavors are intricately aligned with CTU’s overarching vision, mission, and objectives, where research takes center stage, serving as the cornerstone of a vibrant academic ecosystem.

Attending the event were the principal investigators of the 2022 GAA research initiatives, the proponents behind the 2022 GAA capsule proposals, and esteemed figures from the domain of research and development, hailing from various campuses.

Inspirational words were shared by Engr. Jesus Zamora Jr., Regional Director of DOST – 7, who underscored the transformative potential of research in elevating the well-being of communities.

Among the distinguished attendees from CTU were key figures such as Dr. Jonathan Maglasang, University Director of Research and Development; Dr. Raamah Rosales, Chair of the Pure Sciences Department; and Dr. Anthony Ilano, Campus Director of Carmen Campus.

The proposed research endeavors spanned a wide spectrum of fields, including Agriculture, Food Development, and Aqua-fisheries; Education, Social Sciences, and Health; Biodiversity, Forestry, and Environmental Studies; as well as Engineering, ICT, and IT.

To ensure the rigorous evaluation and enhancement of these proposed research undertakings, the Office of the VPRD extended invitations to diverse evaluators from prominent universities across the nation. This esteemed panel of evaluators included individuals such as Prof. Froilan Mobo, Assistant Director of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy; Dr. Jeffrey Ocay, Professor 4 at Eastern Visayas University; Dr. Joel Opon, Associate Professor at MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology; Dr. Sherwin Guirnaldo and Dr. Carl John Salaan, both Professors at MSU – Iligan Institute of Technology; Dr. Julie Otadoy and Prof. Richard Jugar, both esteemed faculty members at the University of San Carlos; Dr. Ludito Ramirez, Professor 6 at Southern Leyte University – Main Campus; Dr. Ricardo Bagarinao, Professor at the University of the Philippines Open University; Dr. Mario Ruinata, Agricultural Center Chief II at the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources VII; Prof. Roberto Guino-o II, Associate Professor at Siliman University; Mr. Anastacio Cagabhion III, Instructor at Western Philippine University; Ms. Ria Jaynet Tabinas from Davao del Norte State College; Dr. Reizl Jose, Professor II at Bohol Island State University; and Dr. Sylvester Cortes, Instructor at CTU – Main.

The culmination of this enriching four-day event took shape with a heartfelt recognition of the most outstanding research contributions across the diverse array of fields represented.

Words by Almie Mata