Gender and Development Activities

CTU Daanbantayan responds to COVID-19 crisis

GAD volunteers produced facemasks at CTU Daanbantayan.

The Gender and Development volunteers led by Dr. Marlou Godinez produced facemasks and provided sacks of rice to the eight local checkpoints at the northern part of Cebu province during the covid-19 crisis.

GAD distributed facemasks to frontliners.

Dr. Godinez said, “Being a Gender and Development (GAD) advocate, I was happy to be called on duty to extend help to our frontliners. Women, men,  and  members of the LGBTQ community volunteered to distribute masks to eight local checkpoints in northern Cebu, Red Cross and Coast Guard.” 

Sacks of rice were distributed to residents of Daanbantayan.

“With the help of God, we were also able to distribute 2600 kilograms of rice to our brothers and sisters that struggled the most due to this pandemic. It is sad when we can only do so little in a crisis this big, but seeing the smiles of our brothers, heroes, and the volunteers; seeing MEN, WOMEN, and MEMBERS OF THE LGBTQ braving this pandemic together  is already enough to say that this is a beautiful world indeed,” she added. GAD/MG/rmmm/ccmr

CTU Danao collaborates with LGU to materialize face masks and more

CTU Danao campus volunteers, BJMP inmates and staff produced face masks.

CTU Danao GAD coordinator Denilyn Avila, Fablab manager Christine Omela Ocampo and Community Extension Services chair Emily Costan collaborated with LGU Danao, Main Campus and BJMP to materialize face masks and distribute health kits to the frontliners and PDL/inmates.

Face shields and face masks were distributed to frontliners.

GAD gave sanitary kits to all job order employees, emergency workers, senior citizens and PWDs at CTU Danao, with Php 500.00 each. A total of 138 recipients benefited from the package.

Moreover, CTU Danao celebrated 1 Billion Rising in February of 2020 and Women’s Month Celebration in March of 2020. –GAD Danao/DA/rmmm/ccmr