Basic Research Ethics Training to Protect the Well-Being of Participants

The Philippine Health Research Ethics Board hosted the training on basic research ethics online on December 3-4, 2020.

The facilitators were Prof. Peter Sy and Dr. Manuel Donaldo who emphasized the essence of research ethics in protecting the dignity and rights of the research participants and subjects.

Prof. Sy reported the perspective of Helsinki in module 1 that, “Considerations of well-being of participants take precedence over the interests of science or society” (Helsinki).

Dr. Donaldo also highlighted that researchers should consider the humanitarian value.

Participants of this event were the faculty from the main, extension and satellite campuses who actively participated during the breakout sessions.

Shaira Eve Villamora, secretary of the Ethics Review Committee shared her takeaway of this training, “ethics in research is found by balancing the interests of the researcher and the participants.

The Research Ethics committee led by Dr. Simeon Bernados Jr. organized this training.-ccmr/rmmm

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