CAS Main Campus and Research and Development collaborate in statistical literacy

The College of Arts and Sciences Main Campus and the Research and Development collaborated in organizing the statistical literacy webinar last October 23, 2020.

Resource Speaker 1: Prof. Edwin Andaya

Prof. Edwin Andaya presented the microsoft excel and downloadable PhStat. He advised students to consult their statistician directly after finalizing the research questions.

Resource Speaker 2: Prof. Arvin Salera

The second resource speaker, Prof. Arvin Salera, also showed the installable Mega Statistics useful to students and faculty. However, he said, “consult a statistician before using any software and understand the computation of the statistician.”

Resource Speaker 3:
Prof. Robert Jay Angco

To clarify, Prof. Robert Jay Angco corrected the common misconceptions in presenting quantitative data using graphs, charts and figures.
Dr. Sunliegh Gador, Research Chair of the CAS Main Campus, also commented that creativity and accuracy could go together.-ccmr/rmmm

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