CCMR invites Dr. Gador for radio plan session 1

Dr. Sunliegh Gador, the former executive producer of the Bulawanong Tunob, a radio program produced by the Department of Communications, Linguistics and Literature (DCLL) at the University of San Carlos, shared the radio program, organizational chart and the involvement of the faculty and students in airing the program via livestreaming and at the Fuerza DYRF, SVD radio on January 15, 2021.

Dr. Sunliegh Gador (second from the right) with Professor Karlon Rama (left) and students in Bulawanong Tunob program

Experts from the different departments of the said university were invited to be the resource speakers who discussed relevant topics with the faculty and students.

Dr. Gador said, “the primary goal of program is to recognize Cebuanos who have done exemplary contributions to the community or have left a legacy worth emulating.”

BT program with the resource speaker, Dr. Cristie Ann Jaca, faculty volunteers and students

This radio program is in collaboration with the community extension of the university. Resource speakers, faculty volunteers and students who took part in the program were given certificates of participation which would be counted as a community extension event.

Dr. Gador is now the University Director for Scientific Publication, Associate Dean for the Arts of the CAS Main Campus. She was the former Chair of DCLL –ccmr/rmmm

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