Collaboration with Radyo Kahimsug and Bulawanong Tinubdan

Prof. Valerie Pascual, the program manager of the DYNE 97.5 FM, Radyo Kahimsug in CTU Barili Campus presented the radio set up, space, organizational chart, and activities on February 19, 2021.

She also mentioned their partnership with National Nutrition Council through its media partner, MQ Media Zone.

Radyo Kahimsug Barili Campus

Prof. Pascual who is the current Chair of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Development Studies of CTU Barili Campus added, “productions provided directions of the project, basic broadcast studio equipment and training of personnel for one year at the ABS-CBN.”

The signal map of Radyo Kahimsug was also shown in her pre-recorded presentation. The signal of the station reaches majority of Barili areas and some parts of Dumanjug.

Dr. Lolita Velita, University Director for TBID suggested to collaborate with radio stations in Cebu City with wider coverage.

The facade of Radyo Kahimsug

This partnership would soon be realized once the planned radio program commenced in May 2021.

Finally, the collaboration with CTU Barili Radyo Kahimsug, CTU Tuburan Bulawanong Tinubdan and the upcoming radio programs to be aired at the CTU Main Campus was agreed.

The letters of intent were prepared for the approval of the respective external campus directors, Dr. Carla Abaquita, CTU Tuburan Campus and Dr. Adeline Purisima De la Cruz in Barili Campus and the CTU Main Campus Director, Dr. Joseph Pepito who would provide a temporary space for the radio station while waiting for the permanent space in the Administration building under construction. –ccmr/rmm

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