Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology Management Cebu Technological University Main Campus (CSETM)

Bio-description of the Center Director

Dr. Leodivino Lawas leodivino.lawas@ctu.edu.ph

DR. LEODIVINO A. LAWAS is an Associate Professor I of the Information Communication Technology Department under the College of Technology at the Cebu Technological University (CTU) – Main Campus. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at the University of San Carlos (USC) in 2003. Earned his degree in Master of Science in Industrial Technology at Cebu Technological University (CTU) in 2011. Graduated Doctor of Philosophy in Technology Management at Cebu Technological University (CTU) in 2014. Completed Academic Requirements of Master in Information Technology at the University of San Jose Recolletos (USJR), pursuing his Capstone Study for the completion of his second Master’s Degree Program. He has 11 years in the Industry in MEPZ and SMC with 9 years teaching experience related to Information and Computer Technology. Currently an ICT Chairperson in the ICT Department. Obtained the National TVET Trainer’s Certificates in the Technical Educational Skills Development Authority (TESDA). A Member of the Philippine Institute of Computer Engineers, Philippines Society of Information Technology Educators and International Association of Engineers. Attended research conference seminars in different CHED accredited venue. And also attended some Patent Drafting Seminar conducted by IPOPHIL. Has made some Industrial Design for IPOPHIL and is one of the Support Officers in the Innovation Technology Office. He is also having his on going research in DOST funded Program.

Description of the Center

History and Background

The Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology Management is an office for Technology and applied sustainable energy innovation through scientific research, project development, and Technology extension and adaptation for community; In relation to creating alternative energy resources using innovative technologies.

The center shall prioritize areas of alternative technologies that will support sustainability on applied renewable energy through technology innovation of Internet of Things (IoT) and automation. It shall also engage on collaboration with institutions and industry that is dealing with similar agenda in developing on the access for sustainable energy for the deprive communities. Technology applications of research output will be given great emphasis


A Center for Advance Technology Application for sustainable Energy Innovation


Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology Management is for developing and implementing sustainable energy innovation for the province of Cebu through partnership on industries and help promote Social Development Goals for the communities in making a sustainable.


  1. Contribution to research outputs that helps promote innovation and social development goals.
  2. Collaboration in implementing sustainable energy for communities in partnership with industries.
  3. Developing Technologies in relation on the sustainable energy by innovating alternative resources.
  4. Technology transfer to community extension.


  1. Generate innovative technologies relevant and functional for research.
  2. Innovated technology system designs in creating prototypes for sustainable energy.
  3. Deploy for utilization of the innovative technologies developed for communities.
  4. Facilitate and support any Government agencies engaging on sustainable energy. In relation to Social De

Organizational Structure