CTU joins the 2021 International Mother Language Conference and Festival

The panel of presenters with Dr. Lynnette Matea Camello (3rd from left) during the pre-recording sessions before the conference

Cebu Technological University joins one of the largest conferences in the Philippines last February 24, 2021- March 20, 2021. Different speakers and writers all over the world participated this international conference.

The five panel of presenters in Cebu Technological University presented the “Cebuano Language Varieties in MTB-MLE” in 2021 International Mother Language Festival. The presenters were Dr. Cristie Ann Jaca, Dr. May Valerie Escalera, Dr. Rowanne Marie Maxilom-Mangomit from the CTU Main Campus and Dr. Lanny Merryl Noro and Dr. Jude Charrel Paez from the Tuburan Campus.

Dr. Jaca presented her paper entitled “Pag-asoy and Oral Language Proficiency to implicate instruction in MTBMLE.” She said, “This is a tool in developing the student’s language fluency. This is to encourage local students to participate oral as they can. Also, this language fluency can make curriculum relevant to learners.”

Dr. Mangompit highlighted in her paper on the Dialectal Differences in Cebuano, “Siquijodnon is a variety of Cebuano language that we need to explore more to widen our perspective on the Cebuano language.”

Further, Dr. Paez presented “Assessment of MTBMLE Instruction in teaching Mathematics”, Dr. Escalera and Dr. Gallarde presented their dissertations titled “Sinugbuanong Bisaya bilang MOI ng MTB-MLE ng mga Kamayo” and “Linguistic Features and Spelling Error Categories in Expository Paragraphs of Multilingual Fourth Grades,” respectively.

This event was successfully presented with the help of their team headed by project leader Dr. Christian Ray Licen and CAS Dean, Dr. Lynnette Matea Camello and the technical team.

Hence, CTU continues the active participative cooperation in different kinds of programs to the local and international stage. – April G. Belga BS Development Communication 4-A

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