CTU Professor contributes literary work to Kalimbahin book: A collection of stories about women

Dr. Mirasol Lim

Dr. Mirasol Lim, an associate professor at Cebu Technological University-Main Campus contributed her literary work “Salaping Papel” to the success of a published book entitled “Kalimbahin”.

Kalimbahin is a collection of dagli or stories about women. It was written by female writers and was compiled by Mr. Rey M. Tamayo Jr. In line with Women’s Month Celebration, Kalimbahin was launched by 7 Eyes Production which is among the ranks of reputable indie publishers in the country.

Kalimbahin: Mga Dagli is the book where Dr. Lim contributed her literary piece.

Moreover, Dr. Lim said, “7 Eyes Production is a publication that aims to help novice writers publish their works. Sir Arnel Noval gave me the information that I can submit a literary piece.” She shared that her piece, “Salaping Papel” is just a fruit of her imagination.

She added, “In a way I can relate because I also grew up from a poor family. I have to help my mother sell kakanin during my childhood so that I can have baon for school“. Salaping Papel is a story that portrays a woman’s sacrifices to give a good life to her family.  It is already her second published literary work. The first one is the book “Lakbay: Mga Tulang Lagalag”, a collection of poems.

Furthermore, in the published book Kalimbahin, it was stated that one of Dr. Lim’s dreams was to be a writer. She has been passionate about making poetry since high school and wrote the short poems she can think of in a notebook. She has been teaching English for over twenty years and despite being busy in the profession, she still could not give up her passion in writing stories and composing poetry.

On the other hand, Kalimbahin features stories about, life, struggles, experiences and journey of women in their lives which is also why all authors are female. “The book endeavors to promote and inspire women to speak out, to take the lead and to give inspiration to fellow ladies.” -Quenie Rose E. Toring/ CAS-DevCom

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