CVAARRDEC financial consultation workshop

Central Visayas Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research
and Development conducted a Financial Consultation Workshop last
March 30, 2021 via zoom.  

To achieve the function of researchers with its obligation to account for the government funds, the CVAARRDEC managed to conduct this event.   “This consultation shapes our function as a researcher,” said BISU SUC
President, Dr. Regucivilla Pobar.  

The consultation workshop has become an avenue that let the
researchers gain new knowledge with regard to planning and
organizing the funds that the government entrusted on their projects.  

The scheduled consultations, clarification, and reconciliation of
completed projects with unliquidated balances were also presented by
project staff accounting of FAD and PCAARRD, Maria Rae Lynne Rasgo, which also presented the Project Reports Monitoring of each research

As Dr. Zina Sayson, Program leader and CVAARRDEC Vice President of
BISU research and development extension, quoted from Venita Van
Caspel,“ Financial planning is like navigation. If you know where you
are and where you want to go, navigation isn’t such a great problem. It’s when you don’t know the two points that it’s difficult.” –Karen
Contemplado /DevCom Student

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