Dr. Ybanez and Engr. Aparente attend the Pre-Planning Workshop hosted by STRIDE

(seated from left to right: Engr. Elena Aparente (second) and Dr. Adrian Ybanez (third)

Dr. Adrian Ybanez, Vice President for Research and Development and Engr. Maria Elena Aparente, University Director for Viable Demonstration Project at Makati Diamond Residences, Makati City, Metro Manila on February 10, 2020.

During the workshop session, they were tasked to discuss synergy of modules across training partners, mentoring mechanisms, program scheduling, expert selection for the target sites and continuous industry engagement to be used as a training plan.

The purpose of this workshop was to develop an agreeable and effective program for the Fab Lab Makerspace Management Academy.

Through the pre-planning workshop, participants were expected to produce a training program design that features a consistent module structure with minimal program overlaps among training partners, logical program scheduling and order responsive to identified needs among target participants (Fab Lab teams). The technical capabilities needs of Fab Labs were identified and clustered.

Engr. Aparente said, “I’ve learned that it is a good opportunity for CTU that we are one of the new selected SUCs to attend this meeting because it would answer and help us a lot to improve and know how the operations on running the fab labs.”

This workshop has a defined mechanism for demonstrating Fab Labs’ value to industry. Engr. Aparente also shared her insight, “I was able to realize that this would be a good opportunity for our faculty members who handle all our Fab Labs and other shared service facilities because through this training program would help them to be capacitated , increase their technical know how and be more confident to attract more MSME’s.”

Other participants are from the industry like Design Center of the Philippines (DCP), Additive Manufacturing Center (AMCen), AMERIAL (TBC), and DOST MIRDC. The two other SUC present is UP-Cebu and USTP of Cagayan de Oro. –MEA/VPD

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