ESOL Professors attend the Webinar on the Data Gathering Protocol

The English Studies and Other Languages (ESOL) professors attended the webinar on data gathering protocols, analysis, and interpretation on September 29, 2020 via zoom to enhance their skills in using survey and interviews in collecting data.
Dr. Rotacio Gravoso, the resource speaker focused on the purposes, types, pros and cons of the survey, sampling and interview tips. He stated, “avoid asking double-barreled and leading questions, jargons, emotional language and be clear in asking questions”.
Prof. Aida Un, ESOL professor, shared her insights on the webinar. She said that Dr. Gravoso helped her in the categories, matrix making and statistical tools suitable to the research project. She also said, “All this information has clarified so many doubts and I am very grateful for this opportunity.”
The Office of Scientific Publication led by Dr. Sunliegh Gador who is also an ESOL professor, hosted the second session on the data gathering protocols, analysis and interpretation of data.

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