FSJ marks the first seminar-writeshop

After a three-day of fun-filled interaction and engagement into the new era of journalism, different student journalists of Cebu Technological University System, the Federation of Student Journalists, assembled to take part for the change in the first Federation Student Journalists’ Seminar-Writeshop last October 28 – 30, 2019 at the Cebu Business Hotel.

As vanguards of media information and dissemination, the seminar-writeshop catered the needs of campus wide student journalists in enhancing their skills and able to learn the current trends in journalism

“Our primary goal is to make the public aware. There is a big difference between “the public knows and the public becomes aware that’s why we need to inform and facilitate awareness to the public about the situation,” Professor Karlon Rama uttered.

Different topics were taught by respected individuals on their field of expertise: Advanced News Writing 2.0 was discussed by Prof. Rama as well as the topic on Ethics on Campus Journalism by Miss Hannah Joy Yana, Feature Writing introduced by Prof. Joeberth Ocao and Sports Writing explained by Prof. Emmanuel Villaruel.

One of the few highlights within the seminar-writeshop was open forum in every discussion which set an avenue for the student journalists to ask their personal questions and insights about several things in journalism.

In addition, Mr. Villaruel challenged the delegates in a one-hour Sports Writing Competition after his discussion that showcased what they have learned and exercise their writing skills. Providing such kind of seminar-writeshop for student journalists, as per cooperation to the university will play a big role in achieving the visions set by the president in his terms, to be one of the internationally ranked universities.

“I believe the purpose of the FSJ Seminar-Writeshop is to enhance the skills of the student journalists in writing as well as boost their confidence, have quality news articles that are publishable and application of ethics in campus journalism,” said Dr. Rowanne Marie Maxilom, University Director for Communication and Media Research.

Moreover, a Bachelor of Science in Development Communication student, Jesriel Casas, felt grateful after the event as he shared his learning and thoughts regarding the topics being discussed. As the FSJ envisioned to enhance their skills and expect more student-engagement activities in the following academic years, also the university heads were all-in-one for their never-ending support to the campus publications in pursuit to tell the truth and empowering freedom and social justice.

“Do not be afraid of failure and mistakes, our job (as journalists) has never been to please people, this has been facilitating awareness to your fellows. Your first obligation is to the truth, your first loyalty is to the citizens,” said Prof. Karlon Rama in an exclusive interview.

He also added that the discipline of verification is the essence of the craft as journalists and student leaders.- ccmr/Nation Builder/Juliet Villamor, Clifford Agor and Aerhon Lanz Tabuelog

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