NCASE on its second day

“CTU stands for Commitment, Trust and Understanding. Commitment to give you best in doing research, Trust in one’s capability and capacity in research, and Understanding the legal basis to do research,” Dr. Edwin Pilapil quoted Dr. Cristie Ann Jaca’s speech as he delivered his opening remarks on February 20, 2020.

This was the second day of National Conference of Arts, Sciences, and Education (N-CASE). The Waterfront Hotel and Casino was its perfect place. Located in Lahug Cebu City, the said hotel hosted the number of participants educators and researchers from different CTU campuses in Cebu and a few from different campuses and prestigious universities in the Philippines.

The NCASE was the first national research conference hosted by CTU. As to what Dr. Pilapil said that indeed it was a good venue for all the educator researchers to learn, to unlearn and to even relearn because of its plenary talks, simultaneous lecture, into sharing of thoughts and opinions on its forum.

Dr. Pilapil emphasized the importance of research and its role in development. Everyone was stunned and was pressed with the new challenge as he finished his remark.

After Dr. Pilapil’s powerful opening, Dr. Rosein Ancheta, SUC President 1V, speech on his welcomed address in which he stated that the purpose of this event was to emphasize that Art and Sciences and Education expand to have a vibrant environment, university and community.

“As a university we take all the challenges complying and implementing the requirements and standard for higher and advanced education.” He said that we are now in a fast-changing technology, globalization and industrialization, in a rapid changing world where human arts and sciences are affected by this change.

He also added that universities should reshape curriculum program with relevance and impact in helping communities, solving societal problems, environmental impact, environmental problems or issues, transforming lives and even opportunities service of humanity and contribution to the development and progress of the nation.

Research is essential in a known and premier university just like CTU because of contributing knowledge to development, practical improvement, and policy information.

Therefore, educators and researchers can use those research findings to improve their competences, competencies in the teaching and learning process. – Sheila Linabog, Karen Completado, Cendy Bazar and Jannie Caminero/DevComm Students

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