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Center for Rural Education, Tourism and Livelihood Research Resource (CRETLRR)

The proposed Center is envisioned to be one of the region's distinguished venues in terms of rural education, tourism, and livelihood research, donned with state-of-the-art technology and resources that would cater to the needs of research, but also for instruction, extension, and product development. The Center will also be utilized for multi-disciplinary research that transcends into the national and international scope. Consequently, this will pave the way for quality instructions by enhancing curricular offerings and strengthening faculty expertise. In attaining such, students and faculty from the different colleges involved in this project shall be exposed and be involved in various research activities through the manipulation of food innovation and other equipment in the Center, as well as undergo comprehensive training conducted by experts in the different fields of interest. Likewise, it shall also foster research collaborations with other institutions and centers.

Ultimately, the creation of the Center provides a springboard for Cebu Technological University's national and international recognition and linkages in the field of food innovation and technology development. Additionally, it shall provide an avenue for advanced professional, technical, and scientific training by pursuing relevant research and extension services to foster and produce highly competent human capital, all of which are reflected in the university's vision, mission, and goals.


To be a distinguished center of Rural Education, Tourism, and Livelihood research in the Region.


To partake in relevant multi-disciplinary research endeavors, especially along the line of rural education, tourism, and livelihood, particularly in the production of various products and formulation of processes with a strong influence on the academe as to the school curriculum, scientists, and researchers as well as on the society as to the local community and other pertinent stakeholders and institutions.


To inaugurate an advanced center equipped with the latest resources and technology essential for the conduct of research studies in rural education, tourism, and livelihood, leading to increased publication outputs, enhanced faculty knowledge and skills, and acceptance of multiple grants.


To establish a research center that will focus on and amplify rural education, tourism, and livelihood.

To strengthen the curricular programs of the Graduate School, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, and College of Technology in the Moalboal Campus.

To strengthen the competencies and capacities of the faculty members in research and publication.

To provide researchers with an avenue to conduct relevant research, and extension activities, and request external funding related to the Center.

To establish local and international partnerships and linkages for research collaborations and maintain sustainable partnerships with the community.

To utilize research outputs to provide a livelihood to the depressed, deprived, and underserved community members.

To generate research publications and advertise outputs/products of research activities conducted in the Center.

Seek external funding in support of the research and extension activities proposed in the Center