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Center Director, Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology Management (CSETM)

The Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology Management is an office for Technology and applied sustainable energy innovation through scientific research, project development, and Technology extension and adaptation for the community; In relation to creating alternative energy resources using innovative technologies.

The center shall prioritize areas of alternative technologies that will support sustainability on applied renewable energy through technology innovation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation. It shall also engage in collaboration with institutions and industry that are dealing with a similar agenda in developing access to sustainable energy for the deprived communities. Technology applications of research output will be given great emphasis


A Center for Advanced Technology Application for Sustainable Energy Innovation.


Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology Management is for developing and implementing sustainable energy innovation for the province of Cebu through partnership with industries and helping promote Social Development Goals for the communities in making them sustainable.


Contribution to research outputs that helps promote innovation and social development goals

Collaboration in implementing sustainable energy for communities in partnership with industries

Developing Technologies in relation to sustainable energy by innovating alternative resources

Technology transfer to community extension .


Generate innovative technologies relevant and functional for research

Innovated technology system designs in creating prototypes for sustainable energy

Deploy for utilization of the innovative technologies developed for communities

Facilitate and support any Government agencies engaging in sustainable energy. In relation to Social Development Goals on "Sustainable Cities and Communities".