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Center for Social Innovation (CSI)

The CTU – Center for Social Innovation is a research and development center of Cebu Technological University that focuses on social innovation at the local and national levels through cross-sector partnerships and collaborations, strategic processes, and transformational development. The Center offers a platform for sharing of resources to catalyze the desired social and environmental change.


To be the leading hub for research social innovation in the Philippines.


To engage in multi-disciplinary research endeavors on social innovation in the Philippines that has an impact on the school curriculum, researchers, scientists, community and other relevant stakeholders.


To establish a center that is equipped with academicians, professionals and technology for the conduct of research on social innovation in the Philippines, which leads to increased publication outputs, enhanced faculty expertise and acceptance of multiple grants.


Build a culture of social and environmental responsiveness among CTU faculty, non-teaching staff, and students;

Increase number of CTU researchers doing social innovation research and its related topics;

Build linkages among HEIs, private organizations, and government agencies to promote collaboration in solving social and environmental problems;

Lead in research and development activities such as capacity-building, the conduct of trainings and seminars, and other engaging and participatory activities that foster social innovation perspective in the civil society, government, and community; and

Improve the impact of research outputs to society and the environment.