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Educational Research and Resource Center (ERRC)

Founded in 2018, the ERRC catalyzes innovation in policy and practice focused on the teachers' training and teaching materials. We believe that education science advances provide a powerful source of new ideas focused on the teaching and learning continuum. We implement ideas in collaboration with diverse scholars from local, national, and international educational institutions. Collectively, we seek transformational impact on the teaching-learning process, teachers and students’ welfare, lifelong learning, and learner-driven pedagogy.


The ERRC will be the key research institute facilitating high standards of educational research and the leading innovators of instructional materials in teacher training.


ERRC is committed to raise the quality of educational research and innovate teaching materials.


In line with the mission and vision of ERRC, the Center is bind to:

Initiate high-quality research in education and teacher training

Innovate and generate new resources in teaching

Support publication of educational research in high impact peer-reviewed journals

Promote and explore multidisciplinary collaborations in research and innovation


The Cebu Technological University (CTU) and its firm mandate of becoming a research university have been vibrantly contributing to the body of knowledge in research and innovation in the Philippines and SouthEast Asia. This marching mandate leads the university to the top innovator awardee by IPOPHL and recently received the South East Asia innovation award given by Clarivate.

Since its inception on 1 June 2018, much of the focus of the ERRC has been in developing strategic research plans with the teacher education stakeholders across the Philippines and is hoped to expand in the Asia and Pacific Region within ten years. In the proposal process, the ERRC steering committee invited a resource speaker from DOST VII to discuss DOST's regional and national priorities in research and development and guidelines and research funding grants.

During the 2nd quarter of 2018, the ERRC commenced developing its first Online Journal System (OJS) for Magister-Journal of Educational Research (M-JER) with ISSN 2545-9902 ( The primary aim of launching an OJS is to provide a standard vehicle for the researcher in educational sciences to publish and contribute to ensuring high-quality educational science research papers in the region.

In the 2nd quarter of 2019, ERRC is one of the partners in launching the first National Conference for Arts, Sciences, and Education (NCASE), which was successfully held last February 19-21, 2020, at Waterfront Hotel Cebu City. The pre-conference round-table discussions, plenary sessions, and research paper presentations have provided valuable inputs on research needs from different sectors' perspectives. NCASE was participated by researchers in Education and Teachers' Training from other Regions in the Philippines and was graced by plenary speakers from Japan and the United States of America. The conference is hoped to sustain not just for Philippine educators but also in the Asia and the Pacific Region.