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Educational Research and Resource Center (ERRC)



Educational Research and Resource Center building

The Educational Research and Resource Center building. It serves as an Educational Research monitoring station. This building is equipped with fixtures, equipment and laboratory facilities.

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Ed Tech Lab 1 (Flipped Classroom)

The Ed Tech Lab 1 (Flipped Classroom) is available for educational research projects utilizing the flipped classroom approach. The flipped classroom approach aims to increase student engagement and learning by having students complete readings at their homes and work on live problem-solving during class time. This facility is equipped with Smart TVs, Round Tables, chairs, Laptops, and Air Conditioning Unit.

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Smart Classrooms

The smart classroom is equipped with an Interactive whiteboard (IWB) and individual tablets for students. IWB is multitouch enabling two or more students to do the activities during discussions. The IWB paired with individualized touch screen applications is a powerful innovation in classroom teaching. Multimedia content can be shared and used in lectures, keeping students engaged.

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The FabLab is a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) funded shared service facility of Cebu Technological University-Danao Campus. The ERRC, in cooperation with the shared service facility, was able to develop prototype fabrication of the utility models for teaching.

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Grammar checking and similarity certification

The Center provides services on grammar checking and similarity of undergraduate thesis and research projects of the students.

Resource Center

Teaching Aides

The Center creates materials or educational kits to be applied for the utility model in IPOPHIL. The teachers will later use these educational kits to supplement classroom instruction and to stimulate students' interest.


The ERRC as a resource Center, will provide the facility for workbook production.

Patent Drafting Services

The ERRC as a resource Center encourages faculty researchers in technology and livelihood education to conceptualize food technology products and provide funding for registration. For teaching aides, the Center will provide technical drawing services. These products will augment the production and business incubation of the University.

Data Analysis

The ERRC as a resource center helps faculty researchers in data analysis.


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