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Gender Equity and Resource Center (GERC)


To be a gender-responsive institution where clientele, community, and stakeholders enjoy equal opportunities and responsibilities.


CTU Gender Equity and Resource Center (GERC) will integrate and advocate gender equality, promote the value of equity and disseminate the perceptions in providing instruction, research, extension services, production, and sustain the social responsibility to the community.


Sustainable and gender-responsive instruction, research, community extension services related to Gender issues and concern, maintain the involvement to the social responsibilities for the stakeholders, clientele and community;

Gender equality between the academic community and to the stakeholders and other clientele;

Sustainable collaboration and cooperation between the institution to society and stakeholders; and

Gender-responsive institution.


To strengthen the capacity of faculty members, non-teaching personnel, and students in the integrating of the Gender Equity issues and concerns related in the course syllabi to instructional materials;

To enhance data and information on women’s participation in a university activity, research, community involvement, education, and disseminate information to clients and other stakeholders;

To enhance the level of understanding, awareness, and responsiveness of the community, clientele and other stakeholders, members of other organizations on Gender Equity (GE) issues and concerns;

To establish a repository for gender-related instruction, research, and community extension services materials and other forms of works on gender and development;

To strengthen the accessibility of men and women to institution resources and systems;

To establish systems and linkages with other SUCs, local, national, and international organizations and agencies;

To emphasize that the sex-disaggregated data (SDD) and other tools, vital information obtained from its operations shall be used as the basis in decision-making processes;

To sustain the gender mainstreaming efforts of Cebu Technological University;

To provide an avenue for researchers to conduct Gender Equity relevant research and extension activities;

Encouraged the faculty members and enhance the capabilities to participate in Gender Equity related studies, community extension services and promote the publishable output;

To encouraged colleagues and students to do Gender Equity in local, regional/national, and international Gender Equity related research collaborations and linkages; and

To generate research publications and publicize outputs of research activities conducted in the Gender Equity and Resource Center.