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About Us

Institute of Food Science, Innovation and Technopreneurship (IFSIT)

A multidisciplinary research institute centers on food science and technology that promotes innovative food processing solutions, comprehensive food evaluation, responsive food safety practices, emerging technologies or products, optimized manufacturing processes, and viable technology commercialization.


To be a leading institute in research, development, and extension in the field of food science, innovation and technopreneurship in the Philippines.


To engage in multi-disciplinary research endeavors in food science and technology fields that have an impact on the course curriculum, researchers, scientists, community and other relevant stakeholders like the MSME sector.


To establish an institute that is equipped with the latest technology for the conduct of research in the food science and technology field, which leads to increased publication outputs, enhanced faculty expertise and acceptance of multiple grants. Likewise, it also aims to be an institution for Entrepreneurial Incubator that would serve the MSME sector of the region in the creation and growth of new businesses, facilitate technology transfer, provide expertise in equipment design, fabrication and operation for pilot production, market pitching, and introduce access to finance and human resource, all directed towards technology commercialization.


The key functions of the center are:

provide an avenue for faculty researchers and student to conduct research in Food Science and Technology;

initiate academic-industry /stakeholder collaboration and align research initiatives and outputs to government priorities and industry /stakeholder needs;

enhanced professional expertise in food science and technology to optimize research productivity; and

capacitate and encourage faculty and students to contribute.


In 2019, the center was established to meet the need for a research and development facility that serves the food sector for MSMEs in the region. The Office of the Vice-Chair of Research and Development has initiated the creation of several research centers, including the Institute for Food Science, Innovation and Technopreneurship, in efforts to advance research initiatives of the university to create a significant impact on the wider community.

The center is hosted by the College of Technology (COT) of Cebu Technological University-Main Campus. It highlights the college's commitment to its objectives to maximize research outputs that contribute to the technological advancement of students, faculty, community and stakeholders.