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Research and Development Center for Engineering Emerging Technologies (RDCEET)

RDCEET is a research center of Cebu Technological University that aims to lead the research and applications of emerging engineering technologies for the improvement of the quality of life. The center is committed to develop a dynamic scientific research-driven culture where faculty, students, and practitioners are working together to find solutions to society’s most pressing needs for energy efficiency and sustainability in this era of the fourth industrial revolution. The research and development endeavors of the center include artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cloud computing, augmented reality, robotics, automation and mechatronics, nanotechnology, smart materials, additive manufacturing, smart and clean energy, autonomous vehicles, space technology applications, and smart infrastructure and transport.


To be recognized as a leading research University towards engineering emerging technologies and create a massive impact in improving the quality of life.


The center is committed to develop a dynamic scientific research-driven culture among engineering faculty members and students which contributes impact in improving the quality of life by making use of the emerging technologies such as but not limited to artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud computing, automation, robotics, smart cities (infrastructures and transport), and sustainable energy.


Every faculty member shall be an active researcher.

Educate the students to become innovators/researchers.

To acquire external research funding to strengthen the research impact