Research and Development conducts Seminar on Geopolymer

On November 26 – 27, 2019, the Cebu Technological University Research and Development conducted the Seminar on Geopolymer for Civil and Structural Engineering Applications in the Philippines at the Mixed E-Learning, CTU Main Campus.

Resource speakers from De La Salle University (DLSU), UP Diliman, and Technical University of Denmark were invited to give inputs on geopolymer technology.

Dr. Michael Angelo Promentilla from DLSU gave the first lecture on circular economy innovations via geopolymer technology: transforming waste to resource while the second lecture was delivered by Prof. Christian Orozco from the UP Diliman.

Further, lecture 3 was facilitated by DLSU Professor, Dr. Jason Ongpeng who talked about geopolymer concrete for sustainable projects in Civil Engineering.

Dr. Ernesto Guades from Technical University of Denmark was the resource speaker of the lectures 4 and 5 concerning geopolymer for various civil and structural engineering applications: worldwide field applications and potential applications in the Philippines as well as research opportunities in the area of geopolymer materials.

As defined by Part & Cheah (2017), “Geopolymer is an alternative cementitious material synthesized by combining source materials that are rich in silica and alumina such as fly ash (FA), ground granulated blast furnace slags (GGBFS) with strong alkali solutions such as potassium hydroxide (KOH), sodium hydroxide (NaOH)”. –rmmm/ccmr

Part, W. K. M. & Cheah, R. (2017). Chapter 11: An Overview on the influence of various factors on the properties of geopolymer concrete derived from industrial byproducts. In Handbook of Low Carbon Concrete, Malaysia: Elsevier.

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