SAO and VPRD offices gather the student leaders for QS ranking participation

The Student Affairs Office led by Mr. Irvin Narsico and the Research Development Office led by Dr. Adrian Ybanez gathered all CTU student organizations on February 23, 2021 to actively participate in the QS World Ranking.

Federation of Student Government at the CTU Main Campus

The Vice President for Research and Development, Dr. Adrian Ybanez oriented the students with the essence of student leaders’ role and active participation in the QS World Ranking. He also showed the latest result of QS where CTU was awarded with three stars. He encouraged the student leaders to organize sustainable events that contribute in the attainment of the sustainable development goals.

Hon. Mervin Turbonado, Federation of Student Government (FSG) President said, “CTU student leaders in SSG, FSTLP and other Student organizations are very creative, and very initiative. Even if there is a pandemic student organization must still find ways to present or conduct activities for now all activities are in online platform.”

Hon. Mervin Turbonado (third from right) during the Summit in CTU Moalboal Campus
AY 2019-2020

Hon. Turbonado also emphasized that ” we are given a lot of funds by CTU so that we can spend on our activities. All we need to do is to think about what are the possible activities that we will do”.

Moreover, Edgar Sausa Jr., Vice Chairman of the Federation of Student Journalists said, “as part of the CTU family, we should work hand in hand in order to achieve whatever goals we have. It cannot be done by an individual’s effort. Everyone must cooperate.”

Sausa added, “we should voice out and be active as much possible. In this crisis that we’re facing right now, our voices are very much needed, ‘cause I truly believe that the success of our precious university lies in our hands.”

Clifford Agor, OIC Editor in Chief of the Nation Builder also shared his takeaway and said, “the meeting with the CTU Officials and student leaders was an eye-opener that student participation is a substantial factor to accomplish the university’s plans and goals, especially in the international arena. It is also a way of empowering the students to initiate an event that will benefit both the university and the studentry. Thus, consistency is the key to ensure that this mutual partnership between the university and the students will prolong for better and bolder CTU.”

Hence, this dialogue with student leaders received a proactive response to make the students feel that they will be able to take part in the achievements of the university like the QS World Ranking.-ccmr/rmmm

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