The University Grants Administration Office (UGAO) assists research investigators and proponents in the training and preparation of documents (proposal budget creation, populating electronic grants packages, etc.) for external grant applications. The Office oversees fund administration and management of externally funded programs. It conducts internal audit and monitors externally funded grants.

UGAO also provides administrative research support for the faculty, research staff and graduate students. The Office serves as complement and liaison to the University’s central administrative units for seeking external grant opportunities, proposals submission, accounts set-up, contract negotiation and processing, post-award compliance, and other services related to national and international grants, foundation agreements, and industry contracts.

Key Functions

  1. to assist researchers in preparing the necessary documents required in applying for grants/funds;
  2. to assist researchers in complying with the requirements of the sponsor or organizations/institutions;
  3. to serve as the central office that will facilitate and administer research grants, receive funds from sponsor organizations or institutions, request for release of funds to the researchers, conduct internal audit and ensure the proper conduct and subsequent termination of completed projects;
  4. to serve as the liaison and coordinating office between CTU and national and international research agencies, particularly with regard to financial matter;
  5. to promote science and technology research and development;
  6. to establish mechanism for the dissemination and utilization of research outputs;
  7. to complement graduate programs and faculty research human resource training in the university and ensure that research and development activities are utilized
    For more information, please contact Dr. Jonathan Maglasang at ugao.ctu@gmail.com.